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Simple Spring Cleanse

Spring is going into summer, I promise it really is, and as allergies and other issues bloom along with the trees and flowers there is no better time than now to add and subtract some foods to detox and refresh the liver.  Many acupuncture patients ask me in an already over-whelmed and defeated way about cleanses and detoxification and while there are certainly time-consuming, costly, and involved programs I always prefer the easiest, least expensive with the least prep time and time running to the bathroom.  Going to the bathroom is good, having to run there urgently not so much.

Also, in the realm of moderation, a successful cleanse needs to be tailored to an individual’s lifestyle habits.  I have honestly never done what might be considered a “real” cleanse but I have back-up from some sources that what I do a few times a year is considered a cleanse.

Step 1: I cut out caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. This might actually be enough for some people to start.  You may want to check out an older post called “My Love/Hate Relationship With Coffee”.  When cutting the caffeine, if you drink more than 10-12oz per day (1-2 small cups of coffee), you may want to wean for a couple of days while drinking lots of water and substituting some green tea for your usual cups of coffee.  Again, slow and steady now, so cutting caffeine for two weeks or so may be enough of a cleanse for some people on a first try.

Cutting sugar and alcohol can also be difficult if you are a daily consumer/imbiber. If you are a daily chocolate, baked good, packaged food eater plan on substituting fruit and nut combos for snacks – carb and protein combos – to keep your sugar levels stable.  Plain yogurt with both fruit and nuts is a very satisfying breakfast or snack as well.  If you consume alcohol daily you may have withdrawals that are similar to sugar withdrawals so following the tips here may help.  If it’s worse than that, you’ll need to delve a little deeper and contact a healthcare provider for help.

Choose another sweetener to use in small amounts for herbal tea or on hot cereal such as agave, brown rice syrup or stevia.  You can be as addicted to sugar as anything else so it would be wise to clear your cabinets temporarily or permanently of anything that might be a temptation.  I do prefer a permanent “spring cleaning” of your cabinets.  We try to keep our cabinets clear all of the time but people visit and bring things, you buy stuff for a party or for being pre-menstrual or just because you want it, and the crap just accumulates.

Also, the purpose of doing things the moderate way is that it is not a quick, short-term thing where you ravage your body for a few days or weeks with some crazy cleanse and then go back to the usual habits.  Small steps are the simplest path to permanent change.   So, following the trail of moderation, you may wish to stop here while you try cutting caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, and if these steps are easy for you please go on.

Step 2:  I go for mostly organic fruits and vegetables, emphasis on the vegetables, little to no meat, little dairy, fill the rest in with beans and grains.  Green smoothies are a great and tasty way to help fill your belly.  The main source of dairy would be plain organic yogurt with all the wonderful digestion enhancing bacterium, try to cut out milk and cheese.  Black beans, kidney beans, lentils are easy to find and grains would be mainly my faves, brown rice, millet, quinoa.

Step 3:  Practice yoga and meditation for relaxation, and treat yourself to some systemic body work-massage, acupuncture, reflexology-to aid in the detox process.  A little TLC can do wonders for the motivation.

Whether you are sticking with Step 1 or also going for Step 2, you can use the recipes for green smoothies and basic cooking of grains can be found on this blog to assist your efforts.  The Simple Spring Cleanse  soup and lemon drink recipes are also great for cleaning out the liver, yummy, and easy to make.

Now for the final pep talk topic: Sticking with it for two weeks or more.  If your neighbor brings you some beautiful cupcakes made with love, eat ‘em!  Your grandmother’s lasagna at a family gathering is calling your name, answer the call.  If you fall off the wagon as they say, DO NOT let the dalliance be an excuse to give up.  This is the moderate way, not the easy way so be brave and hop back on.  You will have to make choices as to not completely unravel but there are no rules here.  You are just trying to be a little healthier while enjoying life so keep trying.  Making excuses  is the primary habit we ALL have to break when it comes to taking responsibility for our own health.


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  1. Thank you for this! I needed a pep-talk! Spring has almost killed me! It’s so crucial to remember that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

    Comment by Robin | June 6, 2010 | Reply

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