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7 Tips To Get Back on Track

I have been feeling tired lately, and do you know why?  It is simple.  Because I have not been eating as well as I could, exercising or resting as much as I should, and have not been taking enough time for myself.  When I get into these ruts as we all do, I take a look at things and try to figure out some simple ways to get myself back on track.  

1.       Eating better.  It’s summer!  The garden isn’t producing quite yet but there are farm stands and Farmer’s markets and fresh produce abound!  Besides growing your own, a Farmer’s Market is about as green as you can get in terms of acquiring food so use everybody’s favorite catchphrase and “go green” at a Farmer’s Market. 

 2.        Speaking of green, it’s a perfect time to try that refreshing and healthy green smoothie.  Check out the green smoothie article on this blog to find out the why and how of a green smoothie.

 3.         You can also try my new catchphrase, “go grain”, and try incorporating a new grain in your diet.  If you only buy the processed foods that say “whole grain” and once in a while you make Uncle Ben’s instant brown rice, I applaud your efforts but now is the time to take things a step further.   You are legitimate on the whole grain when you cook your brown rice for 30-50 minutes, when your  oats are steel cut, and when you discover that quinoa is pronounced “kin-wa”, so give it a try.  Yes some whole grains take a while to cook, but if you start them at the start of making your meal, they are done by the time you are done with everything else. Recipes are easy to find on the internet and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that some, like kin-wa, don’t take that long to cook.

 4.        Take a caffeine holiday.  Yes, there are some health benefits that have been attributed to coffee and yes, I love the taste and am a moderate coffee drinker, but I believe that a little break from the toxicity and stimulant activity of coffee can be good for you.  It may be best and easiest to pick a weekend day or other more flexible day where you can not drink coffee and then when you feel the deep fatigue or withdrawal headache coming, you can take a nap.  I know that sleeping when you are tired vs. doing something to artificially make yourself stay awake is a novel idea but take a tip from your family dog and give it a try.  Then you might actually have some energy to take that pup for a stroll!

 5.         Move more, think less.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that we need to exercise and sometimes it is hard to fit it all in but this is one time that it might be beneficial to lower your expectations, meaning you don’t have to make it to the gym to exercise.  If you can that is great, I do feel my best when I can fit in some weight training and vigorous cardio, but walking the dog, working in the yard, a bike ride with the kids, nature hike, all count as exercise.  And for some reason you feel twice as good when you get outside.  Two of my other favorites are yoga and dance classes, whether I go to them or follow a DVD. 

 6.          Meditate.  Hmmm…I can just see the heart rates increase from reading that one little word. But I don’t know how to meditate, I can’t sit still, my mind won’t clear, my nose itches, I hate the quiet. Holy crap people, calm down, close your eyes, breathe and sit quietly for 1 minute and once you can do that, work your way up to 5.  If you can’t sit quietly for 1-5 minutes then you need to go back to kindergarten.  If you are uncomfortable sitting up when you try this, then try it lying down.  The idea is to rest without sleeping but if you fall asleep then guess what…you need more sleep.  It is hard to slow down during the day and I understand that.  When I am most successful in incorporating this into my day for more than 5 minutes is in the morning right when I wake up.  Instead of trying to think about nothing, I may throw in a body scan for tense areas or think about 5 things I am grateful for in my life, and I inevitably have a better day.

 7.         Exhale fully.  You can check in with yourself on this one when you are attempting some meditation.  Many of us are OK with breathing deeply in but we forget to fully breathe out.  If you find yourself sighing a lot, this is your body’s way of forcing you to do it.  Exhaling fully allows you to inhale fully.  Getting your diaphragm moving and more oxygen to your brain can only make you feel better, less tense and more alert to be specific, so give it a try and see what I mean.


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